April 25, 2014

Motrin, Who’s Feeling The Pain Now?

It is an amazing thing when a huge corporation that spends millions of dollars on advertising and marketing every years comes out with a campaign that is so blatantly off target, offensive and down right ridiculous!

If you haven’t seen Motrins new video campaign make sure to view them here:

Motrin Videos

In these two campaigns Motrin directly insults baby wearing Moms and Dads then goes on to say that Moms don’t say what’s on their minds!

I am a Mom of four girls. What makes my situation unique is that I am also a New Old Mom. Being just a little bit older, my husband and I definitely have a few more aches and pains then I did when I was younger. The one thing we would never consider a pain or a burden is the bonding that experienced with all of children carrying them in slings and on backpacks.

The thought that Motrin would claim that baby carrying was a fashion statement is absurd and ridiculous. Tell that to my husband as he totes my 2 year old around with him daily! In theory, having a way to share experiences with your children is revolutionary not back breaking.

Slings and papooses have been used for centuries.

We had three children in three years. Taking the girls to festivals, parks, hiking and just through the grocery store was made possible with these carrying devices!

Twitter Moms were in an uproar last night about this issue. One of our Friend Friends, Katja Presnal made an amazing video documenting this:

Twitter #MotrinMoms Response

By the way, did you know it was International Baby Wearing Week?

In the second video, if you haven’t seen it yet go back to:

Motrin Home Page

and click “Watch Motrin’s Children’s”.

In this video, the campaign is stating that Moms don’t say what’s on our minds and if we did then we should be committed.

Well, Motrin, we are saying exactly what’s on our minds and I think it may be some people in your Marketing Department that will need to be committed!

What this New Old Baby Wearing Mom (and Dad) will commit to is boycotting Motrin products!

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