April 23, 2014

Friday Friends Club Welcomes Jessica Smith-The Chief Mom Officer

I have to say, when I first decided that I wanted Jessica Smith as one of my Friday Friends, I didn’t realize what I was getting myself into. I had first seen Jessica’s name on Twitter. I like to watch what people converse about to get a feel for who they are.

Jessica just seemed to be very involved and had really genuine comments to make. I decided to check out her blog at Jessica Knows to see exactly what Jessica knew. I don’t know if I was more impressed or shocked.

As I scrolled through Jessica Knows I found some really cool posts and on the left side bar I found Jessica’s About Me and her direct links.

Here’s what Jessica’s About Me claimed:

About me

Mom to preschooler, Wife to amazing husband, Mommy Blogger, and business development, social media & marketing maven…

Here are some of Jessica’s accomplishments:

Chief Mom Officer, Wishpot – www.wishpot.com

Celebrity Business Blogger – www.SparkPlugging.com

Founder, Moms Group Manual: A Mom’s Guide to Connecting with Other Moms


Editor, Wishpot Baby Blog – blogs.wishpot.com/baby

Creator, Chief Mom Officer – ChiefMomOfficer.org

Talent, “Hello Jess”, New Baby TV – New Baby TV

This is just the tip of the iceberg! It took me quite some time to go through each one of Jessica’s sites to get a feel for what she was all about. All I can say is, WOW!

Everything is not only cool but extremely professional and provides incredible value to us moms on all kinds of levels. The one site that interested me the most was the Chief Mom Officer site. As I mentioned in the video, I was in Human Resources in NYC for about ten years. I have been a Mom Consumer and to some degree, a Chief Mom Officer in my own home for the last 15 years.

Jessica’s brain child of Chief Mom Officer is truly an inspired concept that will revolutionize the hiring process for companies that offer products/services to parents. What is most exceptional about this concept is that it will open doors to moms and provide opportunities that may have never been available before.

Kelby Carr, our Friend Friend from last week tells the story of how Jessica tweeted her way into the job of Chief Mom Officer at Wishpot.com best in her post from July 16 titled, Job Hunting 2.0-How One Mom Landed Her Dream Job on Twitter.

The New Revolution that Jessica is creating has already begun! On August 31st, Jessica made a huge announcement.

BabySpot.com was partnering with ChiefMomOfficer.org to hire their very own Chief Mom Officer. The top officials at BabySpot.com recognized the need to hire someone who could relate to their target market and provide value to their customers…a Chief Mom Officer!

You can read all the details about that amazing opportunity at BabySpot.com via the Press Release. If you are interested in the opportunity make sure you contact Jessica. Also, be sure to make ChiefMomOfficer.org one of your favorites to stay informed on new opportunities in the future.

I am tired already and I haven’t even scratched the surface as to all the accomplishments Jessica has under her belt! What I can say though, is that Jessica’s About Me profile on her Jessica Knows blog is clearly an understatement.

Jessica is the Ultimate Chief Mom Officer!

Make sure you check out each and every one of the sites Jessica has her hands into. You will be very happy you did! Also, you can find her at Linked In, Facebook and on Twitter.

Welcome, Jessica to the New Old Moms Friday Friends Club and Thank You!