Mom Makes Millions from Teenager Eyerolling, Huffing and Puffing

By admin | January 15, 2009

I can’t stand it!

And, I can’t spell it!

Humpf, huff, puff, eye roll, eye roll, head shake, cluck, tongue clicks….it goes on and on!

Do you have tween or teens?

Honestly, I don’t think it has anything to do with girls or boys. I think it is just their age. The disgruntled noises that I here at home and especially in the car are dumbfounding! If I had a dollar or even a dime for ever time I heard a huff or a puff or had someone roll their eyes at me, I swear I would be a MILLIONAIRE!

OK, this is going under the category of Random Rants but I couldn’t help it. Today, I had to get gas on the way to school. Now, let me be clear. We are always early. But, I could have filled my tank with all the hot air, huffin and puffin that was going on in my car!

Usually, the only words that I hear in between the outbursts of hot air are, “you are so mean!” Yes, I will win “Meanest Mom in the Universe” this year! Yeah for me!

Yes, I’m taking a breathe myself now. I’m done ranting and maybe someday I’ll figure out how to bottle those noises and make an IPhone Application for them! Joel Comm were are you when I need you?

Let me know how close you are to being a huffin puffin millionaire too. And don’t forget to Join The Club for more New Old Mom fun!

Wordless Wednesday-Spinning Wheels Just Keep Spinning Round

By admin | January 7, 2009

Spinning Wheels

Wordless Wednesday

My wheels are turning but I’m not getting anywhere…what about you?

Wordless Wednesday-Sun Setting on 2008

By admin | December 31, 2008


Wordless Wednesday

Goodnight 2008

New Old Moms Need Play Dates Too!

By admin | December 14, 2008

New Old Mom Park Play Dates

New Old Mom Park Play Dates

Baby Beans goes to the park or the beach pretty much every day with her New Old Dad, Jack. There are always lots of kids her age to play with so she loves it. As a two year old (almost three), her social calendar is packed with play dates and parties.

Both my husband and I are pretty social people so we usually find a way to start up a conversation with at least one parent while we are there. What I usually muse at is the variety pack of age groups that we end of socializing with.

Literally, the range of park players can go from teen baby sitters to college age nannies right up to grandparent caregivers. Maybe because of the economy or just the change in the times, the daytime playmates for parents aren’t just that 20-30 year old crowd with the 2.5 children and the white picket fence.

The wide range of caregivers that we come across during the course of any given day is great for keeping up on things from all different perspectives but sometimes it is nice to be able to hang with people that have similar situations and lifestyles. Guess I am looking for a moms/dads over 40 crowd to have play dates of my own with! Finding other New Old Moms/Dads has taken on a life of its own!

Finding other moms over 40 has been an interesting challenge. Doing a local Google search, not much comes up yet I know that the number of new mom over 40 is on the rise. Besides for The New Old Moms Club, there are a few other sites that are geared toward Moms over 40:

Surprise Moms Over 40

Mothers Over 40

In Season Mom

These are all excellent sites with great information but I was still looking for more.

I was recently interviewed by a local TV Station, 10 Connects for a story on Blogging For Bucks and I had noticed that right on there site they had a link to a local Moms Group Moms Like Me with a link to a separate local discussion group. A start…cool!

Maybe you might be reading this thinking that I am being a bit picky looking for groups that consist of moms over 40 when, honestly, moms in general tend to have the same issues with kids, parenting, spouses, education and everything else. Not so though. I have definitely found that there are things about being a new mom over 40 that are different than they were when I had my first three girls at 30.

First of all, when I became pregnant at 40, people in general found it necessary to make comments to me that they never would have said if I were younger. Yes, I’ll admit it, I am a bit more tired on occasion but have been working on staying fit (get on the list for the relaunch of FitMomsover40 coming soon!) Finding work as an older mom has presented its own set of issues. Sometimes, I feel a bit self-conscientious about being “the grandma” at the playground. And, since I have older children, they remind me regularly that I will be about 100 when Baby Beans is just getting out of school!

Camaraderie is good. As a parent, you should look to be part of many different groups of like-minded people. Make sure not to jump into the “ain’t it awful” groups because they are counter productive to your purpose of sharing stories, laughs and advice! When I had my first three daughters, many of my friends had children about the same age so we got together regularly and I joined a Mommy and Me Group through our local church.

Ten years later, the Internet has provided a great source for locating groups as a mom and a parent. Finding groups for moms over 40 has been a bit more difficult but there is only one way to change that! Start a group myself.

At Moms Like Me, you can join the new group, New Old Moms by clicking here.

If you would like to see if there is a local groups for your area, go to the Moms Like Me Home Page to see if there is one. If not, go ahead and start one!

Meetup is another great source for finding groups in any areas that gather on just about any topic. There is a Moms Meetup page for finding local Mom Groups. At this point there wasn’t any Moms over 40 Meetup Groups but look for that to change soon! Don’t be afraid to start one in your area either!

Are you on Face Book? I just went there and started a Face Book New Old Moms Club. Come join us and share some stories, laughs and advice with other Face Book Moms over 40!

If you aren’t on Twitter, go do it now! Twitter is an awesome source for meeting other moms, interacting and becoming part of a community. Follow me at New Old Mom for connections with other moms and definitely join TwitterMoms to stay in tuned with what’s going on with moms on Twitter.

New Old Moms need play dates too but sometimes you have to be the one to make the call, start the group or send out the invitation. I invite you to Join the New Old Moms Club today and look forward to some great conversation between moms of all ages!

P.S. watch for the launch of the New Old Mom sister sites coming soon!
New Old Moms Entrepreneur Club
Fit Moms Over 40
New Old Moms Go Green

Wordless Wednesday-Dog vs Cat in Ferocious Midnight Battle!

By admin | December 10, 2008

OK…this is a semi Wordless Wednesday!

I definitely have to find something better to do at midnight!

So who do you think won?

Bailey the Wonder Dog or Reesee the Killer Cat?