The Changed My Life Baby and The Beach Lady

By admin | September 3, 2008

Life. It is amazing how you can be chugging along on one path then….BOOM…hair pin turn takes you in a whole different direction.

I am a true believer in this, “God gives you what you can handled in life”. Just sometimes I wonder if he has my mistaken with someone else?

Let me tell you about the Lady at the Beach and how I came up with the New Old Moms Club. Baby Beans loves the beach. She could spend all day everyday there. A few months back, Beans and I had done our walk and decided to play on the sand hill. She calls it HER mountain. As she ran up and down with me following, I had noticed this old woman watching us.

You know when you can just tell when someone has something to say? Well, she did alright. Once again, I have to tell you, people need to turn their brains on before they speak…Click-Power On Please! Well, here’s how the conversation went…

After complimenting me on how beautiful Baby Beans is, she asked with a confused look, “Is she you little ‘change of life’ baby?” Stop right there. I was 43 at the time and in my opinion at least, I didn’t look old enough to be going through my ‘change of life’.

I quickly replied, “No. She was a vacation souvenior but she definitely has CHANGED my life!”. I guess my annoyed expression and sharp tone said what I was really thinking because the woman, slightly red-faced, replied, “Oh, I see. You’re just one of those…New Old Moms.”

Thankfully (for her), Baby Beans scampered off just out of reach so I had to say good bye to my new found enemy to chase after her. I don’t know if at that point I was more angry or embarassed. New Old Mom? What the heck is that supposed to mean anyway? I am a new Mom over 40 but when did 40 become Old?

When I got home and relayed the story to Jack he just laughed. He told me just to ignore it and reassured me that I had had more energy over with four children, businesses, volunteering, coaching and everything else than some 30 year old moms do.

New OLD Mom. The old part still really annoyed me. I can’t say I didn’t wonder when I found out I was pregnant at 40 how all this would work out. I was scared. Again, I do believe everything does happen for a reason in life.

Well, Baby Beans might not have been a ‘change of life’ baby but she sure did change our life completely…all for the better. She gives me motivation, inspiration and whether I want it or not, she keeps my o my toes!

As far as the ‘New Old Mom’ thing, I am a perpertual glass full person. Hence, you are at the New Old Moms Club and will soon have the opportunity to visit the New Old Moms Entrepreneur Club! Don’t forget to check out Fit Moms Over 40, too!

I am celebrating being over 40 as a new mom, an old mom and as a women! Life may take unexpected turns sometimes. Enjoy the path you are on, whatever it may be and embrace who you are at any age!

2 Responses to “The Changed My Life Baby and The Beach Lady”

  1. newoldmom (Tina Williams) Says:
    April 28th, 2009 at 7:27 pm

    @lauratoogood LOL “New” cuz last came when I was “Old” (just past 40) & lady called me “One of those New Old Moms”

  2. Fawn Jolly Says:
    June 14th, 2010 at 10:55 am

       I am so glad I found your website, I had my Daughter at 38, and my son at 40. My mother in Law thinks nothing of telling people she is glad she had her children young, and we had our children late in life. I have told her I don't appreciate her comments, but she doesn't seem to care. People need to mind their own business, their comments aren't appreciated. I always respond by saying "Is their a reason why you would say something like that", It works!!