New Moms, Old Moms, All Moms Need a Little “MeTime”

By admin | January 30, 2009

“Me Time?”

You know how people always have their own profound advice for you when you get engaged that you hear and it usually goes in one ear and out the other? Well, one piece of advice I got was from my sister -in-law when Jack and I first got engaged. She said, “don’t rush into having kids, enjoy your time together and your time alone while you can”.

In one ear and out the other. I was pregnant within three months of being married and had two more little ladies within 3 years. We were on to buying a house, building our businesses, etc., etc. Funny how those “words of wisdom” I had heard a few years earlier now echo in my brain.

“Me Time?”

There was no such thing as time for me as a busy new mom. With the addition of my youngest little lady, now 3 years old, there seems to be even less time for me as an old mom. Fortunately, a solution has arrived! It is simply…MeTime.

A Place For Me Time

A Place For Me Time

Do you remember Amy, The Resourceful Mommy from our Friday Friends Club? One of Amy’s new ventures includes Site Warming Parties were she introduces and promotes some of the hottest new sites out there on the Internet via Twitter Parties. Back in mid December, through on of Amy’s Site Warming Parties I was introduced to

What an awesome idea! This site fills a need that new moms, old moms, all moms need!

We need “MeTime”!

So what makes so special? isn’t just another site. It is a place to, in “Achieve Balance and Embrace Life”. The goals of the MeTime founders is to provide women with a guilt-free zone where they can find inspiration and encouragement through the sites articles, daily tips and resources that will help add a little rest, relaxation and me time to our busy daily lives.

I think does a great job at doing just by offering a category for every area of a busy women’s life! You can find a little bit of everything at Me Time Central.

metime2 Health & Wellness

Fashion & Beauty

Fitness & Nutrition

Food & Recipes

Motherhood & Family

Home & Garden




Me Time really has something for everyone. Another awesome feature of is the Blog &Community Section. Me time isn’t always about the time you spend quiet and alone. Having a place to connect with other like minded women is just as essential to achieving balance in our busy lives. The MeTime Blog offers you just that!

What ties it all together? The Me Time Shop! What could be better than a comfy t-shirt to enjoy some me time in? The variety of t-shirts you can get are awesome! They also bring a real sense of community to the Me Time Women! Change tee and change your mood!

Even though my busy daily life doesn’t always allow for me time, I know I cam go to and find what I need! Stop by and visit them and don’t forget to follow them on Twitter at


Also, is having another SiteWarming Party tonight, January 30, 2009 from 9-10pm EST on Twitter hosted by our good friend, Amy, the Resourceful Mommy.

Come Join the Fun!

2 Responses to “New Moms, Old Moms, All Moms Need a Little “MeTime””

  1. Tiffany Says:
    February 12th, 2009 at 8:05 pm

    I love your site. its so easy to read and follow..very organized! We are working on a makeover.. so I’m just admiring your work :)

  2. Hot Mommas Project - Kathy Says:
    June 9th, 2009 at 8:57 am

    ….or A LOT of me time.

    Tina, as usual – you are an inspiration and hitting the hot buttons and not making us feel crazy. I am linking to our insider’s blog – which I don’t normally do (people have to hunt for it). But, your club is so real and authentic – I want to serve that up right back.