The Tweens

Mom Makes Millions from Teenager Eyerolling, Huffing and Puffing

I can’t stand it! And, I can’t spell it! Humpf, huff, puff, eye roll, eye roll, head shake, cluck, tongue clicks….it goes on and on! Do you have tween or teens? Honestly, I don’t think it has anything to do with girls or boys. I think it is just their age. The disgruntled noises that […]

CrateWays To Organize for School

My husband, Jack is “Mr. Prepared For Everything”. He is almost obsessive about being prepared the night before for “whatever” you might be doing the next day. As you might be able tell from my tone, I am more of a “leave to the last minute” kind of person. I truly believe that I work […]

Tween Girls…How To Earn The Meanest Mom In The World Award In 5 Simple Words

Yes…I am the Meanest Mom thanks to these 5 words. No Make-up Worn To School My daughter is 12 years old. BugMama is the sweetest, kindest and prettiest girl that you could imagine. Of course, I’m prejudice. Last year the girls were in Private School so there were no options. The rules were very strict […]