April 23, 2014

Mom Makes Millions from Teenager Eyerolling, Huffing and Puffing

I can’t stand it!

And, I can’t spell it!

Humpf, huff, puff, eye roll, eye roll, head shake, cluck, tongue clicks….it goes on and on!

Do you have tween or teens?

Honestly, I don’t think it has anything to do with girls or boys. I think it is just their age. The disgruntled noises that I here at home and especially in the car are dumbfounding! If I had a dollar or even a dime for ever time I heard a huff or a puff or had someone roll their eyes at me, I swear I would be a MILLIONAIRE!

OK, this is going under the category of Random Rants but I couldn’t help it. Today, I had to get gas on the way to school. Now, let me be clear. We are always early. But, I could have filled my tank with all the hot air, huffin and puffin that was going on in my car!

Usually, the only words that I hear in between the outbursts of hot air are, “you are so mean!” Yes, I will win “Meanest Mom in the Universe” this year! Yeah for me!

Yes, I’m taking a breathe myself now. I’m done ranting and maybe someday I’ll figure out how to bottle those noises and make an IPhone Application for them! Joel Comm were are you when I need you?

Let me know how close you are to being a huffin puffin millionaire too. And don’t forget to Join The Club for more New Old Mom fun!

Motrin, Who’s Feeling The Pain Now?

It is an amazing thing when a huge corporation that spends millions of dollars on advertising and marketing every years comes out with a campaign that is so blatantly off target, offensive and down right ridiculous!

If you haven’t seen Motrins new video campaign make sure to view them here:

Motrin Videos

In these two campaigns Motrin directly insults baby wearing Moms and Dads then goes on to say that Moms don’t say what’s on their minds!

I am a Mom of four girls. What makes my situation unique is that I am also a New Old Mom. Being just a little bit older, my husband and I definitely have a few more aches and pains then I did when I was younger. The one thing we would never consider a pain or a burden is the bonding that experienced with all of children carrying them in slings and on backpacks.

The thought that Motrin would claim that baby carrying was a fashion statement is absurd and ridiculous. Tell that to my husband as he totes my 2 year old around with him daily! In theory, having a way to share experiences with your children is revolutionary not back breaking.

Slings and papooses have been used for centuries.

We had three children in three years. Taking the girls to festivals, parks, hiking and just through the grocery store was made possible with these carrying devices!

Twitter Moms were in an uproar last night about this issue. One of our Friend Friends, Katja Presnal made an amazing video documenting this:

Twitter #MotrinMoms Response

By the way, did you know it was International Baby Wearing Week?

In the second video, if you haven’t seen it yet go back to:

Motrin Home Page

and click “Watch Motrin’s Children’s”.

In this video, the campaign is stating that Moms don’t say what’s on our minds and if we did then we should be committed.

Well, Motrin, we are saying exactly what’s on our minds and I think it may be some people in your Marketing Department that will need to be committed!

What this New Old Baby Wearing Mom (and Dad) will commit to is boycotting Motrin products!

Hell has no fury like that of a Blogging, Twitter Mom scorned! Hear that fury hear:

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And I am sure that in the next 48 hours this list will grow and grow!

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Peanut Butter Spoons and Mr. Nobody

Today’s post is basically just a rant. Sorry, but sometimes things just need to be ranted about to get them off your chest. It’s amazing how that can work like therapy!

Well, here it goes. It’s peanut butter spoons! Thankfully for Bitchy Betty I was able to really RANT!

Some of you may have no idea what I’m talking about. The rest of you, unfortunately, know exactly what my rant is about!

Does anyone in your family like peanut butter?  Everyone in our family does including my husband. They like peanut butter so much that they will each it by the spoonful!

Ok. Peanut butter is healthy. It makes a great snack. What could my issue possible be?

It’s the spoons. They’ll take a huge spoonful of peanut butter then lick it of the spoon. The problem is that for some bizarre reason, they don’t lick the spoon clean. I find peanut butter spoons in the sink all the time.

No big deal, you say! Ha! Try to wash a peanut butter spoon. Try rinsing it clean with just water. Ain’t happening!

Now you have to get your sponge all gooey with peanut butter. I hate that! I always feel like the peanut butter never fully rinses off the sponge so I have to go get another sponge to finish the dishes.

Yes, we have a dishwasher. The dishwasher can actually be worse. A peanut butter spoon that goes through the dishwasher upside down never gets clean!

So now I’m mad. I had a peanut butter spoon sitting at the bottom of the sink and now peanut butter is all over the dishes that got put on top of it. I could just punish the person who didn’t lick the spoon clean, right? Wrong.

Nobody did it. No one had any peanut butter. Without sniffing every one’s breath it’s hard for me to figure out who the culprit is. (I think it might even be my husband this time!)

That Mr. Nobody is in BIG TROUBLE when I catch him! Does he visit your house, too?

So what’s the answer? Well I found a site that at least made me feel a bit better as I got my peanut butter spoon issues off my chest. Check out BitchyBetty. I realize there’s a naughty word there but this is an moms over 40 site. LOL

Here is the Tagline-

Bitchy Betty – we’re bitching for change!
Bitchy Betty is the platform for defining problems, sharing solutions and supporting one another.

I think that pretty much says it all. I thought the site was fun and the people who responded gave me some great ideas on how to solve my peanut butter spoon problem. Take a peek.

The best idea was plastic spoons! Why didn’t I think of that? The dog does tend to get some leftovers too. My thought are to only let them eat jelly since I can’t get Mr. Nobody to lick the spoons clean.

When it comes right down to it, I can’t wait until my girls have houses of their own so I can invite Mr. Nobody to leave peanut butter spoons for them!

(Phew, I feel better already)

Sarah Palin is a New Old Mom? Was the Decision to Have a Baby at 44 Safe?

Sarah Palin a New Old Mom?

Is becoming a New Mom at 44 a bad thing?

Twitter is quickly revolutionizing the way people meet, market, communicate and debate on the Internet. It is a force to be reckoned with!

This morning I saw a Twitter friend introduce a new Twitter Pal of hers @TVMOM. That is Peggy Fox from WUSA9 in DC. Peggy had covered the story on the Walmart 11 Moms. If you haven’t seen that, you should. There are some amazing women there Walmart Money Saving Moms

Since much of Twitter is based on following like mind people and developing a community, as we discussed over at my Best Reflections Social Media Marketing Blog in most recent posts, I decided to follow Peggy.


The first post I saw was….

Pregnant at 44? Your thoughts on http://dc.momslikeme.com/me…


Then I noticed…


How responsible was Sarah Palin? At 44, she had a 1/41 chance of having a child with Down syndrome. about 10 hours ago from web


I do know that Peggy is a Reporter and used to stirring controversy but, I have to tell you, the hair stood up on the back of my neck. This is a topic that I am obviously very sensitive about. I went over to the forum and decided to join in even though it is specific to the DC area.

NOMC TIP: Unless a particular forum or group is closed to members only in that local area then go ahead and join! You never know who you’ll meet and what type of great advice you’ll get from other moms all over the world! It’s like having a Pen Pal.


The question posed was…

High Risk of Down Syndrome

36 posts

Submitted by TVMom on 08-Sep-08 11:34 PM
Sarah Palin, at 44, had a 1/41 chance of delivering a baby with down syndrome. That's partly why they're called high risk pregnancies. The older you are, the riskier it is to have a healthy baby. Do you think Palin knew those risks before she got pregnant? Just like we tell teenagers about the risks of sex and pregnancy, shouldn't older women consider the risks before having a baby? Is it none of anyone's business… or should every important decision she's made recently be looked at now? Here's a link about it the incidence of Down Syndrome with increasing maternal age: http://pregnancy.about.com/cs/downsyndrome/l/


From the time I responded to the Twitter post, Pregnant at 44 ,to the time I got back from dropping my daughters off at school, the forum post title had changed to “High Risk of Down Syndrome” and the part about tell teenagers was added. Otherwise, I would have commented about that directly in my post on the forum.

Peggy raises some really excellent points in her query here. I happen to have very strong opinions about this topic since I am a New Old Mom.


Let me be very clear, at this point I am NOT making a political statement. I am merely supporting another New Old Mom that happens to be running for the Vice Presidency!

I am 44 years old right now also. I have 4 daughters. My youngest is 2 ½ and I had her just shy of my 41st birthday. I have all girls. If I were to become pregnant again tomorrow I would take that as a blessing. I believe that God gives you what you can handle in life. Sometimes, I do wonder, as I have stated previously, if I may have been mistaken for someone else? However, I am very happy to play the cards I am dealt. LOL


That statement I just made about getting what you can handle in like gives me a great segway into the issue of Down Syndrome. Peggy provided a link for Down Syndrome Statistics increasing with maternal age. Here it is: http://pregnancy.about.com/cs/downsyndrome/l/bldownssyn.htm

This link gives basically just a general overview of statistics.

Here is some additional information on Down Syndrome and the age of the mom from a Google Search.

The National Down Syndrome Society

The National Association For Down Syndrome

The March of Dimes


Down Syndrome and Beyond


What Sarah Palin new about these statistics is hard to determine without actually asking her directly. I can only assume that since she is well educated and seems to be in good health that this common knowledge information was readily available to her and that she was well aware of these facts.

Whether she took them into consideration or not is also a question for Sarah Palin to answer. Honestly, I believe that it is also a question that is irrelevant. It is irrelevant to anyone outside of her family and definitely irrelevant to a political campaign.

In my situation, we had gone on vacation. I came home with a souvenir!

We had 3 healthy daughters at the time. Due to a pesticide poisoning at our home, I had had a very difficult 3rd pregnancy and some health issues. We had decided that if I wasn’t pregnant by the time I was 40 then…game over. It was about a week before my 40th birthday that I found out that I was going to be a mom again and over 40!

I did have concerns. I did worry about Down Syndrome and other issues common to pregnancy at an older age. When I was pregnant with my first daughter I worried, too.

I did not have amniocentesis done. I had been under the impression that it was mandatory for women over 35. My doctor explained that that was NOT true anymore. That with technology these days amnio was not required and would only be done by choice.

My doctor also informed me that many of the moms that she was seeing at an older age were in better health and more fit than the younger moms! I know that was my case. I was in the best shape I had been in since I had my first daughter was born!

Now the Down Syndrome issue…

One of my best friends and I were discussing the amnio thing. I said the 'God gives you what you can handle' thing and she quickly responded that…”it’s not about you. I know you can handle anything. It’s about your other girls.”

She proceeded to tell me a story about a friend to cares for a Down Syndrome sibling. They are in their late 40’s or 50’s now. Her friend takes care of the sibling completely.

My friend’s question was, “Do you want to leave that burden to one of your daughters?”

The question shocked me. It made me think. It made me cry. I cried…a lot. In the end, a child is a child and a gift. Period.

About Sarah Palin's choices…

I have to say, Sarah Palin, like me and other Moms over 40, probable had to deal with many comments like this one and the many others that I fielded when it became public knowledge that I was pregnant and “over 40”! People often feel the need to give advice or make comments that you need to take with a grain of salt. Unfortunately, though, many people forget to turn their brain on when the turn their mouth on!

Forty is the New Thirty…Period!

Women in this 21st Century are smart, healthy, fit, business owners, entrepreneurs, soccer moms (or hockey moms in Sarah Palin’s case) and we are having healthy, beautiful babies!

Medical technology has changed dramatically just from the time I had my first daughter to the time I had my fourth daughter. I am sure it will be even better if I have a fifth child!

Pregnancy is a condition not a disease.

The decision to become pregnant or have a child later in life is a decision that is private to that family. It absolutely should not be placed in the political focus. If the question is whether Sarah Palin’s decision should be scrutinized or not then I have to say a resounding “NO”.

As I stated in the forum post, the decision only affects the immediate family. In Sarah’s case the people of Alaska would have been affected only if she was unable to do her job. Many politicians have had real life threatening diseases while in office and it was dealt with in a very matter of fact way. Again, pregnancy is a condition not a disease and should be thought of in that same way.

The New Old Moms Club

My reasons for starting this blog along with its up and coming sister blogs, New Old Moms Entrepreneur Club, Fit Moms Over 40 and two other New Old Mom Blogs that you can watch for are mainly because of the stigmas that I have run into regarding “over 40” and especially “new mom over 40”.

I hope these blogs, as they grow and flourish, provide a place for other New and Old Moms and women in general over 40 to inspire, motivate and empower each other. Together we are redefining what it means to be “OLD”.

Sarah Palin’s decision to have a baby at 44 should not even be a point of contention here today. I applaud her, congratulate her and welcome Sarah to the New Old Mom’s Club.