April 19, 2014

Friday Friends Club Welcomes Kristen Arnold-The Moms Business Coach

Kristen Arnold is a Mom Making a Difference with Moms-Business-Coach and The Tubby Bundle

It is amazing how things happen for a reason in life! A few weeks back, we spotlighted Katja Presnal and Skimbaco here at the Friday Friends Club. I was able to learn about Katja and some of the wonderful things she does through a post that was made here at The Tubbly Bundle Blog. It was through that connection I met our Friday Friend for today…Kristen Arnold, The Mom’s Business Coach.

“Your are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.” Jim Rohn

I have found this statement to be very true in life. So much so, that I quote it to my daughters often. Keeping good company is often very motivating and inspiring also. After I had touched base with Kristen through her blog, I started following her on Twitter. I also checked out her other websites. I was very impressed. Next, I noticed that Kristen and I were running into each other in other place too. The more I encountered Kristen, the more I knew she was someone I wanted to make sure I included in my top five!

Being a New Old Mom, one of the first things I saw that I loved about Kristen was that she was The Goddess of Chaos! Being a Mom of four myself, I live in chaos also. It is very clear form Kristen’s blog and her business site that she takes the title as “Goddess” to heart. Check out Kristen’s store at The Tubbly Bundle. The feature item that you will see front and center is Kristen’s Tubby Bundle Baby Towel. Take a peak at it…

The Tubby Bundle Baby Towel

The Tubby Bundle Baby Towel

As you can see it this picture, this awesome All-In-One Terry Cloth towel/apron really does have you and your Lil’Tubby Bundle covered. Kristen’s site also has a catalog and stores that you can find her products in. What I like best, is that Kristen offers an phone number, 866-208-0341 for Customer Service. If you look at the expertise that Kristen shows in her ability to run this eCommerce site you will have no problem seeing why I thought it was important to make Kristen part of our Friday Friends Club.

The Moms Business Coach

I pointed out earlier that Kristen and I had been bumping into each other (virtually) in webinars and on teleseminars. There are two women that are the “Cream of the Crop” when it comes to online businesses and both Kristen and I have found each other in their circles. The first mentor is Lynn Terry of ClickNewz and Self Starters Weekly Tips and the second is Carrie Wilkerson, The Barefoot Executive. Watch for both of these amazing leaders to be highlighted at The New Old Moms Entrepreneur Club’s Launch in the next few days!

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Friday Friends Club Welcomes Katja Presnal and Skimbaco


“Thousands of candles can be lit from a single candle, and the life of the candle will not be shortened. Happiness never decreases by being shared.”


“Our mission is to spread the sunshine – make people happy.”

Katja Presnal

What is the definition of a Blogger? Better yet, the definition of a Mommy Blogger? How has Social Media Marketing shed a new light on how we define and develop our Blogging World?

Interesting questions, right? But what do they have to do with our Friday Friends Club? Don’t worry, the story behind this weeks Friday Friend will answer these questions and more!

Let me back up a bit. I had this post just about finished on Wednesday. I was ahead of the game for a change! Then, on Thursday, I spent about a hour on the phone with my Friday Friend and my whole perspective was turned upside down!

I would like to introduce you to Katja Presnal the founder of Skimbaco. Skimbaco is an upscale Lifestyle Boutique for Modern Parents that features all kinds of really cool stuff for the entire family. It is definitely a shop you are going to want to bookmark and will find hard leave without getting one of the ‘must have’ items. Katja also is the author of her own blog, Skimbaco Lifestyle. Take a peek at Katja’s About Page and you will see she is one interesting lady and, yes, her husband is really a helicopter pilot! Here’s just a tidbit for you:

I am a fashion-freak-former model.
I am a cinnamon-bun-baking-housewife.
I am a marketing-loving-business-woman.
I am a “let’s-jump-some-more-on-the-couch-kids”-mother.
Never know what I’ll write about.

This all sounds pretty basic, huh? Well, you couldn’t be further from the truth! Let me tell you how I first came to know Katja and why I wanted her as a Friday Friend. I started following Katja on Twitter and, like our other Friday Friends, I immediately noticed that the majority of her tweets were answering questions, driving attention to other’s blog post or contests and just generally kind gestures. I loved her sites and found her posts really interesting. The thing that really drew me to Katja was the day I opened my email and saw an invitation from her to connect on LinkedIn. You may not think that was a big deal but for me it really was! I had been on Linkedin for a while but had not started to use it. Katja was my very first invitation!

Based on what I already knew, Katja was a perfect candidate for the Friday Friends Club. Then the bombshell hit and my entire perspective on this post changed. I spent about an hour on the phone with Katja on Thursday morning. During this conversation, I realized that who Katja was at her core was what the basis of success is all about. During that conversation, Katja clued me in on her bout with Oprah Winfrey, Tom Cruise, some LadyBug shoes and the frenzy it all created.

Fortunately, the whole story, in detail, is all laid out for us at another awesome site, The Tubby Bundle. Kristen, the Goddess of Chaos wrote a very detailed account of the tale in her May 14 blog post entitled…Women Entrepreneur+LadyBug Shoes+Suri Cruise=Success.

Kristen’s post tells how a simple gift basket hand packed by Katja with Skimbaco products ended up with a mention of some LadyBug shoes on Oprah by Tom Cruise and resulted in the marketing opportunity of a lifetime! The incredible part of the story is what Katja did with that opportunity.

Traffic. It doesn’t matter if you have a static website, a squeeze page or a blog. Getting traffic is the number one thing that can keep you awake at night. Getting your product mentioned on the Oprah Winfrey show by Tom Cruise is like giving Google a direct map to find you! Katja made a decision to open the doors to her fellow Mommy Bloggers and share that flood of traffic by sending out very specific tweets to the masses with a sweet opportunity of her own. Katja’s decision to share in her good fortune is clearly appreciated and was a huge success for all. You can read the testimonials at Skimbaco Lifestyles to see how Katja’s choice became a win-win for everyone.

The story doesn’t end there though. In an attempt to find a charity to benefit from her LadyBug Shoe Luck, Katja hit upon the idea to create her own charity. Hence, LadyBug Landings was born. This free PR Service for small businesses, Lady Bosses and Lady Bloggers comes equipped with LadyBug Gear that can be found through it’s CafePress site. Just another example of Katja’s character and testament to her mission.

When I heard about this Oprah story from Katja, then read all the details and followed all the links I came to one conclusion. THISis what blogging is all about. It’s not just a platform to journal. It is a way of life. Blogs have evolved from a platform to share stories into a way to teach, to learn, to rant, to earn, to communicate and to build relationships. Katja utilized the power of her blog and the unlimited reach of the Social Media Venue, Twitter to share an opportunity to achieve success for herself and, in turn, to help others find success too.

Take a look at the last several posts on Katja’s blog. In one post she introduces us to The Intrepid Mompreneur and a contest she was running. The next post Katja shares information about Warren Whilock and Debbie Micek’s amazing Twitter Handbook (a must read if you haven’t already!) In that same post, we learn about Pimp My News and how we can benefit from it. Finally, on that same page Katja give us a warning about dangers in microwave popcorn.

Through Katja’s posts she makes sure to link to others and presents us with great information. Like the candle, Katja uses the light that shines through in the content of her posts on her blog and in her tweets to light up other people blogs, products and opportunities. She really does spread sunshine through that light and she makes others happy. Like the life of the candle, that happiness is never diminished by being shared.

For those of you who may be saying, baloney! The linking is just SEO to get rankings. You are right! The only thing different is that Katja is not just looking for Search Engine Optimization with her efforts. She is also using SEO-Sharing Excellent Opportunitiesthrough her blogging. Take a look at her BlogRoll for an example. It is fitting that Katja won a ticket to The Blog World Expo in a contest hosted by Darren Rouse, The ProBlogger. The definition of Blogger, especially Mommy Blogger has significantly changed over the last several years and Katja is embracing that change.

Blogging is not only a way to market and build businesses but it is also a way to build communities and relationships that can be mutually beneficial for all. Social Media Marketing has shed a new light on the way we can network and build our communities, our businesses and our friendships. Watch Katja and you will see this in action.

Follow Katja’s example. Let the light from your blog light up another’s site and keep passing that light along and you will see how amazing the benefits are when you share them. Katja, thank you for being such a great example to us all and thanks for being our Friday Friend.

Friday Friends Club Welcomes Amy Lupold Bair-The Resourceful Mommy


It's Friday Friend Day once again and today I want to go back in time a bit to my Girl Scout Days. I was only a Girl Scout for a short time. What I remember is how much fun I had at Camp making new friends.My three older daughters all were Girl Scouts from Daisies right through Juniors.  I was a Troop Leader for each of the girls at one point or another and held the title of Service Unit Manager for all troops in our area.  It was an awesome experience for all of us!

So, what does this have to do with our very special Friday Friend?  Actually, a lot.  Our Friday Friday for this week is Amy Lupold Bair from The Resourceful Mommy. I first became acquainted with Amy through Twitter. Being a people watcher I happened to see a trend in Amy’s tweeting habits. The trend, as you saw in my video, was a clear indication that Amy is Gold

Have you ever heard that old Girl Scout Song “Silver and Gold?”

Make new friends,
but keep the old.
One is silver,
the other is gold.

A Gold Friend, like the metal, is precious and holds extreme value. 

Now , your probably wonder how do I know something like this about Amy if I only know her virtually. What people tweet about and the content of their writing are very sure indicators of the type of person someone is.  From what I have researched, Amy’s gold.

Here are some of the awesome things she has been doing to prove my point.

A former English teacher, Amy is a stay-at-home mom to two children works part time as a freelance writer and maintains a great Blog.

Take a peek at Amy’s Home Page and Blog:

Amy Lupold Bair
Resourceful Mommy

You can also find Amy’s work at:

Blissfully Domestic as a contributor to the Family Bliss Channel
TypeAMom has Amy ranked as an Official Writer(and soon to be Editor!)
Wishpot considers Amy’s opinion in high regard as a Wishpot Expert

I would like to tell you what really struck me about Amy.  Obviously her kind and giving attitude shows through at first glance but, as you go to her blog and read the content another side becomes immediently evident.

Amy was an English teacher.  When you read her posts you will see that she is also an amazing author and journalist.  Currently, Amy’s doing a series that celebrates women.The series is called Women and Choice-The Myth of Our Mothers-”Having It All”.  The in depth posts will really leave you waiting to see what’s coming next!  Your just going to have to stop by Resourceful Mommy for yourself, subscribe to the feed to see exactly what I am talking about.

When I open my Twitter every morning, one thing that I can count on is getting a smile that you can literally see right though every tweet Amy makes.  While many people are using Social Media just as a marketing venue, you can  definitely see and feel the difference with Amy.  She is a perfect example of how integrity in marketing and developing and the KLT Factor (know,like,trust) will really generate success for whatever your endeavors may be.

Amy’s next endeavor is quite huge!  She is writing a book about social media’s impact on women’s quest to “have it all.” I couldn’t think of a better person to take on a project like this one! 

As the words in the Silver and Gold Song go, Amy is a absolutely a Gold Friday Friend

Like Juliet Low, the founder of the World Association of Girl Scouts and Girl Guides, who used a primitive form of social marketing to connect girls of all ages, nationalities and walks of life throughout the world, Amy is quickly becoming a master of our generations Social Media Marketing trend to connect women on the web.

Amy, thanks for the smile every day and for being our Friday Friend! 

You are Gold!




Friday Friends Club Welcomes Jessica Smith-The Chief Mom Officer

I have to say, when I first decided that I wanted Jessica Smith as one of my Friday Friends, I didn’t realize what I was getting myself into. I had first seen Jessica’s name on Twitter. I like to watch what people converse about to get a feel for who they are.

Jessica just seemed to be very involved and had really genuine comments to make. I decided to check out her blog at Jessica Knows to see exactly what Jessica knew. I don’t know if I was more impressed or shocked.

As I scrolled through Jessica Knows I found some really cool posts and on the left side bar I found Jessica’s About Me and her direct links.

Here’s what Jessica’s About Me claimed:

About me

Mom to preschooler, Wife to amazing husband, Mommy Blogger, and business development, social media & marketing maven…

Here are some of Jessica’s accomplishments:

Chief Mom Officer, Wishpot – www.wishpot.com

Celebrity Business Blogger – www.SparkPlugging.com

Founder, Moms Group Manual: A Mom’s Guide to Connecting with Other Moms


Editor, Wishpot Baby Blog – blogs.wishpot.com/baby

Creator, Chief Mom Officer – ChiefMomOfficer.org

Talent, “Hello Jess”, New Baby TV – New Baby TV

This is just the tip of the iceberg! It took me quite some time to go through each one of Jessica’s sites to get a feel for what she was all about. All I can say is, WOW!

Everything is not only cool but extremely professional and provides incredible value to us moms on all kinds of levels. The one site that interested me the most was the Chief Mom Officer site. As I mentioned in the video, I was in Human Resources in NYC for about ten years. I have been a Mom Consumer and to some degree, a Chief Mom Officer in my own home for the last 15 years.

Jessica’s brain child of Chief Mom Officer is truly an inspired concept that will revolutionize the hiring process for companies that offer products/services to parents. What is most exceptional about this concept is that it will open doors to moms and provide opportunities that may have never been available before.

Kelby Carr, our Friend Friend from last week tells the story of how Jessica tweeted her way into the job of Chief Mom Officer at Wishpot.com best in her post from July 16 titled, Job Hunting 2.0-How One Mom Landed Her Dream Job on Twitter.

The New Revolution that Jessica is creating has already begun! On August 31st, Jessica made a huge announcement.

BabySpot.com was partnering with ChiefMomOfficer.org to hire their very own Chief Mom Officer. The top officials at BabySpot.com recognized the need to hire someone who could relate to their target market and provide value to their customers…a Chief Mom Officer!

You can read all the details about that amazing opportunity at BabySpot.com via the Press Release. If you are interested in the opportunity make sure you contact Jessica. Also, be sure to make ChiefMomOfficer.org one of your favorites to stay informed on new opportunities in the future.

I am tired already and I haven’t even scratched the surface as to all the accomplishments Jessica has under her belt! What I can say though, is that Jessica’s About Me profile on her Jessica Knows blog is clearly an understatement.

Jessica is the Ultimate Chief Mom Officer!

Make sure you check out each and every one of the sites Jessica has her hands into. You will be very happy you did! Also, you can find her at Linked In, Facebook and on Twitter.

Welcome, Jessica to the New Old Moms Friday Friends Club and Thank You!

Friday Friends Club Welcomes Kelby Carr-The Type-A Mom

“Friendship with oneself is all-important because without it one cannot be friends with anyone else in the world.”
- Eleanor Roosevelt

For as long as I can remember, Friday has been a big time Friends day.

For me, in pre-New Old Mom days, Fridays meant the end of the work week and time to get together with friends to go out and blow off some work week stream.

In my real world now, Fridays means friends days for the kids. School week is over and everybody has got something to do after school. (Yeah for me-got an empty how except for my little love!)

I thought I would bring my tradition of Friday Friends Dayto my Cyberworld. Every Friday I will spend some time sharing a friend with you!

Today I’d like to introduce you to Kelby Carr and welcome her to the Friday Friends Club!



I had visited Kelby’s blogs often in the past but since I have become a Twitter Mom I have been lucky enough to get a “follow” from Kelby.

Her recent Walmart Adventures really sparked attention and a tremendous amount of feedback.

You can learn more about Kelby at KelbyCarr.com

And for some awesome Mom Stuff, add Typeamom.net to your Favorites list. This is a site you’ll want to visit daily for great stories, advice and some laughs!

I was amazed at all the other cool places that Kelby contributes to.  Here some of the sites.  Be ready…you’re going to want to bookmark every one of them!

Operating Foodie Mama

Operating Momshare, a Digg for Moms

Editing, Blogging and Writing  at France Travel at About.com

Editing Tech and Meta at Blog Nosh Magazine

Feature Writing and Blogging on Family Travel for Suite 101.com

Writing columns about Budget Europe for Transitions Abroad

Editing on Kirsty

Blogging on Well Feed On The Town

Blogging on Kids Cuisine

Microblogging on Twitter

Kelby Carr’s website has her described as a Writer, a Blogger and a Web Goddess!  

After checking out all the places Kelby is and all her accomplishments, I think you will discover that Kelby is much more than just those three things. 

Kelby is a teacher and a giver. 

Joining any one of her sites you are being provided an opportunity to share what you know and to learn from others.

Watch Kelby’s tweets and you will see she is very funny and very willing to help out others!  Having her a as our Friday Friend has been a true pleasure! 

Share your Friday with a friend and remember….

“A true friend stabs you in the front.” ~ Oscar Wilde

Have a Friday Friend story you want to share?

Feel free to tell the tale here or Contact Me directly.  Enjoy the weekend!