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Wordless Wednesday-Sun Setting on 2008

Wordless Wednesday Goodnight 2008

New Old Moms Need Play Dates Too!

Baby Beans goes to the park or the beach pretty much every day with her New Old Dad, Jack. There are always lots of kids her age to play with so she loves it. As a two year old (almost three), her social calendar is packed with play dates and parties. Both my husband and […]

Wordless Wednesday-Dog vs Cat in Ferocious Midnight Battle!

OK…this is a semi Wordless Wednesday! I definitely have to find something better to do at midnight! So who do you think won? Bailey the Wonder Dog or Reesee the Killer Cat?

Blogging For Bucks Hits Local TV on 10 Connects!

Thanks to Jessica Rivelli, a TV producer at 10 Connects Tampa Bay, Florida and David Leonard, the report who did the story I got an awesome opportunity to talk about blogging and how it can really help families to make a few extra holiday bucks! David was great and my two year old loved him! […]

New Old Moms Need to Have Their Own “Plan B”-Free Blogging Basics Mini Guide

In this day and age we all need to have a “Plan B” to help supplement our income. What could you possible do to make those ‘ends meet’ and still be the parent you want to be? The “B” in the Plan could stand for Blogging! Blogging is an inexpensive and fun way to generate […]

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